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About the Author

Pat Cole always wanted to travel to Africa and was thrilled when Carol Van Bruggen invited her to join their 2011 Zambian safari. That first trip hooked her, and she joined the Africa Hope Fund's Board of Directors. Cole and her daughter returned two years later to volunteer at a local school for a month. With each trip Cole learned more about the danger of elephant extinction and why we need elephants. 

After her second trip, Cole decided to write a book about African elephant's frightening race to extinction and returned to Zambia three more times. The book, Extinct in 5-10 Years, is a collection of stories about elephants and the people who work to save them. Readers will learn why elephants are unique and vital. They will also gain in-depth knowledge about illegal ivory trade and how they can help save endangered species. The book is nearly ready for review by several agents who are interested in it.

Cole earned her degree in English with a focus on multicultural literature at California State University, Sacramento. She wrote for more than 20 years promoting energy conservation as a program planner and advertising administrator for a large publicly owned electric utility and has an extensive public speaking background in that industry, as an elected official, and through contract work for the US Department of Homeland Security.

Cole also wrote for Inside Arden (, an upscale community magazine for three years. She will publish a book in fall 2017 with Arcadia Press for their Images of America series about Arden Arcade history. As a freelance writer, she writes website content, program proposals, grants, white papers, blogs, and marketing materials. She also wrote and published an oral history about a couple who escaped from Poland during World War II. Her professional work can be seen at