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Be the Hope

Photo: Scouts

Donations made to the Africa Hope Fund go to:

Building schools and libraries, Sending a child to school, Anti-poaching patrols, Detection Dog Training and More.

We Welcome Your Donations to Further Our Efforts to Conserve Africa's Wildlife Through Education.

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1900 Point West Way, Suite 190
Sacramento, CA 95815


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Looking to Fund a Specific Need?

$10,000 Covers the Detection Dog Program for 1 year, This is one of our most effective tools in catching poachers.

$5,000 Builds Classrooms at Uyoba School

$3500 Sponsors a student to attend college classes for 1 year

$3200 Provides 1 Year of Internet Service at Student Center

$1200 Will Pay a Teacher’s Annual Salary at Uyoba School 

$850 Sponsors a Student in Secondary School for a Year. Includes: school fees, uniforms, supplies and boarding.

$800 Allows for Clean water at the School

$100 Helps a scout go on an anti-poaching patrol for three weeks.

$70 Provides two Children with a Desk (double) for Uyoba School  so they don't have to sit on the floor for their lessons everyday.



Zikomo (thank you)!


Africa(n) Hope Fund is a 501c3 EIN #26-4484055