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Uyoba School Mfuwe, Zambia

We were introduced to Uyoba Community School in Mfuwe Zambia in 2008. The school had been built by a church in the middle of a very poor village and had 3 classrooms and a very small teachers office/storage area. It supported 300 students, grades 1-6 in a three classroom building with 3 teachers and 3 teacher assistants. The children attended in shifts. They had no electricity and ,until 2010, no water. The children sat on the floor.

Over the last 5 years AHF has facilitated the building of a new classroom to accommodate the growing number of children, now close to 600 students, 50% girls.

In order to allow for the first seventh grade class at Uyoba since being started by the community over 10 years ago, helped to increase the number of Government certified teachers from none to 10, purchased books for all grades to assure the students abilities to learn English, purchased desks and brought supplies to the school, and facilitated the construction of new badly needed toilets.


We Still Need Help to Provide Tuition, Desks, Supplies, More Classrooms, Teacher Salaries and More