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Our Mission and Vision

The Mission of Africa Hope Fund is to educate the next generation of Africans to ensure their future by saving their wildlife and natural resources.

The Vision of Africa Hope Fund is a world where animals no longer need to be protected from man.

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The latest on The Africa Hope Fund projects, efforts, news and success can be found here on our blog. 

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Be the Hope

Donations made to the Africa Hope Fund go to building schools and libraries, sending a child to school, fund anti-poaching patrols, detection dog training and more.


Protect Wildlife

 AHF pays for the annual cost of patrols of scouts from the South Luangwa Conservation Society who work diligently to save animals from the threat of poaching. 


Sponsor A Child

In Zambia secondary school (high school 8th to 12th grade) is not free and most students live very far away from an available secondary school. 


Safari on the River 2016

Last event we raised thousands of dollars thanks to all those who donated their time and money to our cause.

Join us for our Safari on the River Event 2016.