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Welcome to Africa Hope Fund

A non-profit organization dedicated to helping the people of Africa live productive and healthy lives and educate them on the value of preserving their wildlife


Sponsor a Child or Support our schools and Libraries

AHF has found sponsors for over 50 students to secondary school, college and trade schools.

We have built classrooms and libraries for 2 schools and supplied funds for reaching assistants teaching children to read and write English, essential to attending school in Zambia.


join our upcoming Safari August 2019

Take the trip of a lifetime and see what we are doing in Zambia!

Join our partner ERC Africa Travel during their August 2019 Group Trip where they will be visiting Schools supported by AHF and the Conservation South Luangwa’s base of operation. This group trip gives you the opportunity to see the impact of Africa Hope Fund first hand, while allowing you to enjoy an amazing one-of-a-kind safari experience!


Protect Wildlife and stop poaching

Africa Hope Fund supplies the annual cost of patrols of Conservation South Luangwa Scouts who work diligently to save animals from the threat of poaching. We also provide funds to support the Detection Dog Program for CSL, an important and effective way to catch and deter poachers.