Carol Van Bruggen-Kuhn

President and CEO - After traveling to Africa for over 7 years, Carol decided to make a commitment to fight against poaching and to provide education to the young people of Zambia. 


Steve Kuhn

Vice President and Director - Steven fell in love with Africa after a 2001 vacation and wanted to make a difference. The connection he makes with the communities that AHF helps, puts a huge smile on his face. 


leslie leggio

Treasurer - A board member since the beginning, Leslie fell in love with Africa after a trip in 2008. Seeing the progress of the students she helps is one of the many reasons Leslie continues to support AHF!


pat cole

Secretary - A board member for 7 years, Pat loves that her support as a board member and personal donations go straight into helping preserve wildlife and provide education for the next generation in Africa.


Our Board of Directors


theresa paige del bueno

Director - A board member for 3 years, Theresa is passionate about the need for education and the conservation of elephant herds in Africa.


Heather Estay

Director - A board member for 5 years, Heather felt called to do what she could to help conserve African wildlife, and help the students of Africa after a Safari trip with Carol & Steve. 


gary hursh

Director - A valued member of our board, Gary asks, "What could be more important than educating kids and saving animals?!" He would like to invite you to join us in making a difference in this world.



Director - A board member for 2 years, Debby volunteered for 2 months at the Uyoba Library in Mfuwe, Zambia. After seeing her impact, she wanted to continue making a difference with AHF.


Ann Gambino

Director - A board member for 4 years, Ann loves the ability she has as a member of AHF to directly support providing education to the students in Africa.

Crystal and Chitambo

Crystal Coleman

Director - A board member for 1 year, Crystal has a passion for providing education throughout Africa. Having sponsored children with AHF before, Crystal felt called to join the board.