Africa Hope Fund Videos

Uyoba Community school

Part of our mission is to help provide educational resources to the children of Africa. This includes helping rebuild schools that would otherwise be abandoned. Take a look at Africa Hope Fund's contribution to reopen Uyoba Community School.

Conservation South Luangwa

Rachel McRobb, founder of Conservation South Luangwa, works with her team to help a snared Elephant. Snared wildlife have no chance for survival if it weren't for the efforts of Rachel's organization and other teams like her's. To learn more watch this video, and to donate go to

Safari on the River, 2018

Our best event yet, supporting Libraries of Zambia, Chimbelle and Conservation South Luangwa.

Safari on the river, 2012

Take a look back at our successful Safari on the River from 2012!

Detection Dog Program

Africa Hope Fund is proud to support Conservation South Luangwa's detection dog program. They haves been successful in deterring poaching in Zambia. Watch this video to learn more and go to to donate.

Chipembele Wildlife education

A conservation education center for children, Chipembele provides education on wildlife and conservation efforts in Zambia. This helps to empower students to make changes that are necessary to sustain their livelihoods, conserve wildlife and protect the natural environment long into the future.

Safari on the River, 2016

An amazing turnout of Africa Hope Fund supporters, we celebrate the conservation efforts we’ve achieved and our future.

Safari on the river, 2014

Each year our event has grown and gotten better.  It is one of our supporters favorite events