Africa Hope Fund's Mission

“The mission of the Africa Hope Fund is to promote conservation through education by supporting schools, teachers and organizations assisting in the education of young Africans. Our goal is to help the people of Africa live healthy and productive lives, and educate them on the value of preserving their communities’ valuable resources. We assist conservation organizations in the protection and rescue of wildlife from the ravages of poaching."

Just a few of Africa Hope Fund’s successful projects in Zambia, include:

  • Sponsorship of 40 children to attend secondary school and college.

  • Building 6 new classrooms and a library for a dilapidated primary school, increasing the student body from 320 to 930.

  • Funding local scouting patrols who find and arrest poachers, locate snares, and rescue animals caught in snares.

  • Conservation education programs and classes for local children, several of whom now have careers in wildlife conservation.  

  • The first three detection dogs in Zambia who find elephant ivory, rhino horns, bush meat, other wildlife contraband, guns and ammunition. Support of an additional 3 detection dogs to work in the Luangwa Valley.


"We came to Zambia to see the animals and now we return again and again because we love the people."

~ Founders Carol Van Bruggen and Steve Kuhn