Elephant extinction is a big topic. Here are ways to help:

  1. Donate to Africa Hope Fund. The nonprofits we help in Zambia are effective, good stewards of our resources. 95% of the money we receive goes directly to effective projects to save elephants and other endangered wildlife and educate children in wildlife conservation. Your support helps us expand and replicate successful programs.

  2. Donate to nonprofits whose mission you support when you can, but make sure most of your donation goes directly to a nonprofit’s mission and not to fundraising or administration. All nonprofits should make this information available.

  3. Find organizations whose work you value and sign up to receive their notifications. Sign petitions or write legislators or foreign governments to protect abuses or change laws. There was international outcry recently when South African park officials said they would destroy Sylvester, a lion that escaped from the Karoo National Park for a second time. Park officials reconsidered his death sentence. Outcry over Cecil the Lion’s death sparked letters and petitions opposed to trophy hunting resulting in many airlines refusal to carry animal trophies as cargo.

  4. Follow the progress of legislation you can support. The State of California has pending legislation that bans bull hooks used in elephant training. Write your legislator and support the law Governor Brown vetoed. Governor Brown did sign a long overdue ban on ivory sales. We will update you about legislative actions you can follow and support/oppose.

  5. Contribute to or volunteer with groups that provide sanctuary for performing elephants and other wildlife rescued from abuse and loneliness in zoos, circuses, and amusement parks. Find a nearby wildlife or elephant sanctuary, like the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) about an hour away from Sacramento. Find one near you and help them by volunteering or raising money for them or donating.

  6. Increase awareness of elephant’s plight any way you can. Post and share reliable news on Facebook. Go to for updates you can share or friend us on our Africa Hope Fund Facebook page. Subscribe to our newsletter and blog to keep updated.

  7. Become more aware of your own purchases and actions in your daily life. Put your support and resources behind carefully researched organizations that support your beliefs. Live an environmentally sustainable life as much as you can. You will help wildlife around the world.

Written by Patricia Cole

An Africa Hope Fund board member for 7 years, Pat is a writer and a conservation activist. After traveling to Zambia, she became dedicated to helping Africa Hope Fund provide education to the next generation of Africans and ensure their future by protecting wildlife. Find Patricia on Facebook and Twitter, or on her websites and

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