This is really important.


Through Africa Hope Fund, I've been to the South Luangwa Valley and up and down the South Luangwa River at bush camps and lodges on five different trips. I've even flown over it in a small plane. The South Luangwa National Park is nearly two and a half million acres of grasslands, riverine and riparian woodlands, rivers, lagoons, and semi-aquatic grasslands a little larger than Yellowstone National Park in the United States, and the river is a major source of its water.

Losing the river will cause the catastrophic end of an entire chain of species starting with aquatic life, moving through elephants, and continuing with herbivores and predators. Nothing can live without water. There are better ways to generate electricity.

Please sign this petition and share it, otherwise, the dedicated people I've come to love and respect will have to sit by and watch the destruction of the valley not by poachers and other illegal hunting they've worked so hard to deter, but by their own government's crippling of an ecosystem. 


Written by Patricia Cole

An Africa Hope Fund board member for 7 years, Pat is a writer and a conservation activist. After traveling to Zambia, she became dedicated to helping Africa Hope Fund provide education to the next generation of Africans and ensure their future by protecting wildlife. Find Patricia on Facebook and Twitter, or on her websites www.writepatwrite.com and www.patmcole.com.

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