ERC Africa Travel Safari

Have you ever taken a trip somewhere that left you with a permanent memory? Of course, you say! Any time you’ve visited with family and friends and have had great fun. Well, we’ve got an opportunity for you to travel, and make another permanent memory. But this one will be different, it will be life-changing. It will penetrate your mind, your heart, and you will never see the world in the same way again.

ERC Africa Travel Safari

Scheduled for August 9-20th, 2019 our Safari Group Trip to Zambia will check-off all the boxes for the kind of trip you’ve always wanted. And at the same time, you’ll experience so much that you had never heard of or dreamed about. Organized by ERC Africa Travel, and offered to only a small group of 14 persons maximum, you’ll find it full of luxury yet also down to earth. There simply will be nothing else that will compare to it. During the 11-day excursion you’ll journey to a village, tour a primary school, visit an education center, learn more about conservation, float down a river, go on safari at amazing national parks, decompress at a luxury bushcamp, and stay at a lodge. All the while you’ll be immersed in the culture and beauty of Zambia. In addition, 10% of your trip’s cost will be donated to the Africa Hope Fund.

So, cross something off your bucket list, whether it’s there now or not. We’re sure you’ll agree that the trip is a matchless, unequaled, unrivaled, unparalleled adventure! Find out more details here!

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Carol Van Brugen