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Yesterday we launched a fundraiser for Conservation South Luangwa’s Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Program. Our goal is to raise $10,000, and we want you to pitch in! This program, HWCMP for short, is a win-win for the environment, the people, and the wildlife of Zambia. In a nutshell, it enables each of these entities to live in harmony. The environment benefits when elephants aren’t destroying the homes and crops of inhabitants. The people benefit when they can earn a living by growing to a healthy harvest. And the wildlife (elephants in particular) benefit when they are no longer injured or killed by those protecting themselves and crops from harm.

We hope that you feel as passionately about this as we do. Please take a moment to watch this CSL Chilli Farming Case Study Video, (located right) . First, we must give a shout out to Samson Moyo. He and his company, MoSam Media, produced the video. Samson is a past student of the Uyoba Community School that we support, and he was also a sponsorship recipient. As you will see, he has gone on to do wonderful things! His video very clearly explains the dilemma that was at hand and how successful remedies have been established. There is no question that the HWCMP has worked diligently to develop a program that simply…works. All they need to keep it going is the funding.

Help us spread the word even further by sharing our fundraising efforts on your social media channels, or sending an email to your friends and family. This is easily done directly from our fundraising page, located on MightyCause.

Carol Van Brugen